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Manu Snchez, new coach of CD Torrevieja.
2018-06-07 18:49:00



CD Torrevieja has reached an agreement with Manuel Sánchez Almodóvar (Aspe, 1981) better known as Manu Sanchez to be the coach for the new season 2018-2019. National trainer and graduate in sports and physical activity sciences,

Manu Sanchez has achieved a very distinguished career in recent seasons, gaining promotion for Ilicitana UD to Preferential in the 2015-2016 season and placing it in the top of the classification in said category the last two campaigns in Preferente, playing great football that has earned him to be the coach of Group IV of Preference in the Fiesta Tournament, proclaiming himself champion with the combined Group IV.

Manu Sanchez, will be accompanied by his second coach, Pedro Pujalte Cerdan "Pedro" national coach with whom he has worked hand in hand in recent years.

From our club we welcome you and wish you the greatest success with our club.


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