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7 April 2019
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CD Torrevieja vs Callosa Deportiva CF
Week 42 of Group Six. CD Torrevieja vs CF Borriol. We will return stronger!
2017-05-12 15:30:00


     We will return stronger

It seemed that this day was not going to arrive but it has. 12 years since we played in the Preferente, we return to that division. This season of so much suffering, melancholy and so unbalanced in every way with few victories.

And the defeat in Paterna sentenced us to what many thought was going to happen and what very few hoped it would not be, the descent to Preference. It has been a very hard year for all and in all aspects of the club, in which, it has been sin of the lack of organization since the preseason. Defeat in Paterna where we began believing just a goal would continue our hopes. Play give little joy to the fans who have always been there, but we intend to come back with much more force to Third division.

With the duties already done, Borriol is presented to Torrevieja to dismiss a season in which they have hardly suffered to achieve their goal of remaining in the group. A squad made from the first moment and with the idea of ​​not descending, positions that have hardly touched in what we have of season and that have managed to succumb without major problems. Bielsa with 8 goals is their team's top scorer.


Many problems right from the off, the closure of Vicente Garcia and the organization of the club. we depart smiling and hoping to return. Saturday at 6pm at Nelson Mandela.


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