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MATCH REPORT | CD Torrevieja 0 CD Almazora 2. Four to go!
2017-04-13 21:55:00

Match Report: Jefferson Scott / Photo: Joaquin Carrion.


Four to go!
Torry fans were dumbstruck at the end of this match. Having seen their team perform so admirrably in recent weeks, this performance wasas dire as it gets.The club now knows they will likely have to win their final four games to preserve their division three status. They lost 2-0 to a rejuvenated Almazora, whilst Bunol won 3-1 at home to Paterna, putting a significant three points between themselves and Torry. Whereas Torry's fate was in their own hands until this last round of matches, they now must play out of their skins and hope others slip up.
This contest at home to Almazora was one most fans expected Torry to win, even with the loss of Vicente Boix and captain Javi Meca. Instead it was a mystyfying Torry performance, inept in every department, passing, ball control, tackling and creation of chances. It was a wonder spectators did not call it a day at half time! At that stage the score remained 0-0 with few opportunities for either side. Almazora had spurned a few chances, illustrating why, until recently, they had been one of the worst performing sides in the group in 2017. For their part, Torry were floundering to do anything right.
Those dismissals last week against Elche Ilicitano in that close 2-1 loss proved calamitous. The side lacked the leadership and organisation of Javi Meca. His cool head and authoritative play were clearly missing. The robust tackling and surging forays down the wing from Vicente were equally obvious by their absence. Lewis worked his socks off but was grafting in midfield, when the world and their dog know he loves playing as the out and out striker.
Torry played better in the second period, especially with the introduction of Damian and Luis Carlos, a mystery to most as to they they were not in the starting line up. But Ironically, it was only two minutes after Damian came on that the visitors took the lead. Fandos seemed to have time on his hands in the Torry penalty area and despatched the ball into the net to silence the bumper Easter crowd and put Torry under enormous pressure. There was a positive response with much more invention, especially from Damian, Luis Carlos and the never say die Lewis. After two months out, Beltran was reintroduced and he too brought another dimension to Torry's attacks.
However, Almazora are big and strong and has built their survival on sound defensive principles. They kept Torry at bay and reduced them to half chances and speculative efforts. No amount of trickery and guile from Damian could unlock their defence and Torry struggled to find that equalising goal. Instead it was Nico who netted his tenth of the season to double his team's advantage and guarantee the capture of all three points, hitting that key target of 40 points and likely safety into the bargain.
Bunol rattled in three at home to Paterna before a late penalty for the visitors concluded the scoring. They are three points ahead of Torry and now their fate is in their own hands. As for Torry they travel to Recamvios Colon this weekend, where their hosts have only won four times all season. Victory for Torry would place them two points behind Recambios and possibly ahead of Bunol who has an intriguing battle in Borriol. At this stage, nothing short of a Torry win will be welcome, but perhaps the return of Vicente Boix and Javi Meca can prodcue this outcome.
Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. I think that is now the mantra of the team and fans, as the season concludes in a flurry of nerve jangling tussles. Fortune will favour the brave, which means Torry must go on the offensive, play with the flair that resides within the squad - and if nothing else - go down in a blaze of glory!

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