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Week 36 of Group Six. CD Torrevieja - CF Torre Levante. First of the six finals!
2017-04-01 10:48:00


First of the six finals

Defeat to forget in Silla after a loose encounter of ours and in which a clear winner was seen. He plays to think of Torre Levante, a rival that fights in the high places of the classification and that no doubt, will fight until the end to get a position in the promotion of promotion.

With all the team in full except Tato, Walid and Beltran (for the injury) our club prepares the week for Sunday's match against Torre Levante in which it will be 1 of the last 6 finals we have left to dispute. Equal to points with the Buñol, ours will look for the victory at home to continue securing themselves out of the low positions and thus achieve permanence as soon as possible. Difficult rival before which Pedreño will have 'key pieces' of a '11 type' that seems to work.

Making the most of his options, Torre Levante will seek to win in order to continue dreaming of something that seems distant, to 8 points of the promotion and with 18 still within reach does not seem so difficult, although everyone now tightens. Players with name as the well-known Reyes, or Rubén Suárez mixed with youth like Olcina and people with much class and goal also like Seral. A team with a lot of dynamite up and with a very experienced defense and who knows the category to which you march. If they are above, it is for something.

Bad moment to see the classification having things in game in both sides although by different channels. Sunday at 11:45 in the Nelson Mandela, where, Joel, has collaborated with several schools torrevejenses to distribute tickets and thus encourage more and warm the team.

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