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MATCH REPORT | CD Torrevieja 0 Ontinyent CF 2. Bitter Pill to Swalow!
2017-02-19 20:35:00

Match Report: Jefferson Scott / Photo: Joaquin Carrion.


Bitter Pill to Swallow

Ontinyent won for the first time in Torrevieja, but have a great deal to thank the referee for in this success. He somehow did not see a blatant foul on Nica, allowing play to continue, climaxing with Buba deflecting Ivan's shot into the path of Vicente whose contact sent the ball into the net. The award of a penalty soon after was equally farcical. Buba saved it with his legs but it rebounded to the taker, Domenech, who headed back towards goal. The agile Buba got upright and managed to get a hand to it, but not enough to stop it crossing the line.
The day had started badly well before kick of time as intended debutant Molina and passenger Dani Salazar experienced a burst tyre en route to the ground and both were in the original line up, which was changed last minute. As the expression goes, "if Torry didn't have bad luck, then they would have no luck at all"! 
It was a bold formation from manager Pedreno, who knows that his team is failing because of a serious lack of goal scoring. He played Lewis in his favoured position of main striker, with Beltran supporting him. Pastor and Luis Carlos played wide, theoretically providing a four strong attack. This never materialised, with it always seeming that the Ontinyent defence had four defenders for only one upfield striker. Lewis tried for goal from a deep cross that left him with an impossible angle and that was the only effort on goal Torry could boast in the first period.
Although Torry dominated in the second half, the only real chance came when Pastor did extremely well to dart through the middle and evade his markers. However, at the final stage he could not find the telling shot to breach the Ontinyent line. Manager Pedreno sacrificed defender Calzado to play another attacker in Matheus and although he threatened with good intent, Torry could not get any serious attempts on goal. This is not for the want of trying, nor effort on the part of the players. But in general, Torry's play remains far too pedestrian. Build up is deliberate and slow, allowing defences to organise and defend in numbers, reducing space for attackers. There is a lack of vision and invention in midfiled, where for long periods home debutant Nica appeared to be the only one in that role. He came very deep to collect the ball and his passes were routine and cautious, as opposed to incisive and defence splitting. Strikers put in a high work rate, but for much of the game, they do not make dangerous runs en masse, pulling defences open and creating the space for others to follow up and exploit the room for shots on goal.
Watching the team play predictable football is frustrating. Everyone now needs to show the courage to play with not only conviction but also with unbridled enterprise and flair. It needs to be entertaining football, end to end excitement with goals galore - at both ends if necessary. Far better to go down in flames than to whimper out with sideways passes, cautious retention of the ball and isolated front men wondering if they can beat four defenders on their own! The reality is that winning now is essential, draws will not suffice. And at the risk of being ridiculously obvious, you cannot win games without scoring goals.

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