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MATCH REPORT | CD Almoradi 1 CD Torrevieja 1. The gift of Pastor!
2016-12-22 09:39:00

Match Report: Jefferson Scott / Photo: Golsmedia.



The Gift of Pastor
Torry ended 2016 with a point after magnificent trickery and a clinical finish from Alejandro Pastor, who bade farewell to his colleagues with his fifth goal for the club in a mere handful of matches. He travels to work and play in Australia come 2017 and he will be sorely missed.
Sorely missed in the first half of this encounter were chances and entertaining play. Both clubs amply demonstrated why they occupy the relegation places, with Almoradi being the more potent, ex Torry players Manu and Obele causing worry to the visiting defence. It was no surprise to see Vicente bowl over his opponent in the box for a home penalty. He showed incredulity with hands to face and face to sky, but it was a penalty all day long. Manu despatched it cooly into the back of the net to give Almoradi a lead at the interval.
At this stage the options for the small group of travelling fans were limited to getting a half time refreshment and braving out another turgid 45, or slipping away home to watch something with a modicum of entertainment on the telly! It was a tough decision to stay. But staying proved worth it as a completely different Torry emerged for the second period, doubtless the manager's harsh words stinging in their ears. Pedreno also rung the changes with Booker coming on for the immobile Hugo and it wasn't long before the fireworks started.
Lewis Allen was expected to sit this one out following his head injury against Paterna, but the likely goalless performance by his team mates in Borriol prompted his earlier return than expected. He struggled to make an impact and a confrontation with Coco on the halfway touchline six minutes after the restart resulted in a near brawl with everyone wanting a piece of the action. The net outcome was red cards for Lewis and Coco and a game from there on in of Torry dominance. Booker was now asserting himself in the midfield and Pastor was using his speed to unnerve the home side, who resorted to axing him down at every opportunity. Virtually every Almoradi player went into the notebook at some stage, including the keeper who kicked the ball away to prevent Torry pressing them harder and faster than they were able to withstand.
Midway through the second half Pastor gave a materclass and signed off is great style. With little room, he weaved a path past mesmerized defenders and from an acute angle blasted the ball home for a thoroughly deserved equaliser. It was a joy to behold and his five goals in a handful of appearances show how much he will be missed. Without him, Torry look to have a serious relegation battle on their hands. Play continued with Booker driving hard from midfield, Damian strutting his stuff and "3 point" Matheus injected more much needed pace through the centre. Torry looked the only side able to secure a winner, but ultimately a lack of firepower prevented that outcome.
Torry rest up now until 8 January when Villareal C visit in what will prove to be a testing January. Unless something substantial changes or materialises by then, fans are in for a five month painful struggle to clamber out of the bottom four - and stay out! Merry Christmas everyone and let's hope it is a peaceful and point ridden New Year!

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