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The Administrative Court of Sport explains their decision on the game CD Torrevieja vs CD Almoradi
2016-12-02 18:06:00

Photo: Joaquin Carrion.


Background to the situation:


On 21 August 2016, the match between CD Torrevieja and CD Almoradí was held with a final result of 3-2 for our team. This match corresponded to the 1st day of the National League Championship of the 3rd Division of Group VI, season 2016-2017, where report complained about an improper playing of our player Matheus Lorente Santana. 

Subsequently, a complaint was lodged by CD Almoradí regarding the alleged misalignment committed by our club in relation to the aforementioned player, Matheus Lorente Santana, who had been sanctioned after the last day of the previous season due to the accumulation of cards in the 1st Regional competition .

The Committee of the Federation of Soccer of the Valencian Community adopted the 23 of August of 2016 resolution by which it rejected the presented denunciation.

Then CD Almoradí appealed this decision to the Appeal Committee of the RFEF, which on September 8, granted the appeal and sanctioned CD Torrevieja for the loss of the match 3-0 in addition to an economic penalty.

After this decision CD Torrevieja decided on September 29, 2016 to appeal before the Administrative Court of Sport the aforementioned appeal against the resolution of the Appeal Committee of the RFEF.

After this, the Administrative Court of Sports decrees that said sanction must be fulfilled in a match of the same competition in which the sanctioned infraction was committed, that is, 1st Regional and that the sanctioned player must comply with the sanction in case of returning to Compete in the 1st Regional competition but not in the competition in which it currently competes in the 3rd Division at the state level.

Therefore, and before the appeal filed by Vicente Boix Mora, president of CD Torrevieja, against the resolution of September 8, 2016, of the Committee of Appeal of the RFEF that, revoking that of the Competition Committee of August 23, 2016, Administrative Court of Sport estimates the appeal filed by our club leaving the result of the match against CD Almoradí on 21 August with a final result of 3-2.


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