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MATCH REPORT | CF Torre Levante 3 CD Torrevieja 0. Our battled!
2016-11-13 10:09:00

Match Report: Jefferson Scott / Photo: Golsmedia.

                                                                                                                      Out Battled
Torry will put this defeat behind them and concentrate on the visit of Elche Ilicitano this Sunday. It was a below par performance, but with a number of pleasing aspects. Adrian Ruescas was signed during the week as cover for Juanmi and the teenager had a very good debut. Despite his light frame and youthfulness, he is a tough tackler, a hard worker and is good with both feet. He has much to learn, but this was a debut with considerable promise.
David Soto was introduced with less than 20 minutes to go and he too made a favourable impression. He ran willingly into the channels and had two right foot shots that smacked of goals to come. His second effort was not too far off the mark and he was bitterly disappointed that he had not scored. As usual Carrasco was immense and his team mates gave 100%. But the hosts were far too robust and strong for them, as was emphasised by the opening goal after one minute.
Eugenio was on the wrong side of his opponent who strongly but failry shoulder charged him right out of the way. He looked up and saw that Vicente had left his man alone at the far post and delivered an accurate ball to his feet and Olcina volleyed home. It could have been two soon afterwards when Torry got themselves in a right old tangle and with Buba on the edge of his area, the ball was lobbed towards the empty goal. Buba was delighted to see it come back off the crossbar and into his returning arms.
Torry never troubled Paredes in the Orriols goal and the few shots that made it through to him were timid and of little consequence. Nonetheless, Torry were only one down at the interval and capable of snatching a goal and preserving their recent good form. But the Orriols were resolute, especially in their challenges, which saw four of their number booked and Yago sent off in the dying minutes for a ruthless lunge on Dani Salazar.
The hosts wrapped up the game in the 75th minute when Torry were claiming offside. The ball was nodded into the box where Gilabert had plenty of space. He wasted no time driving the ball past a beleagured Buba, as Torry defenders held up their arms appealing for the offside flag. It did not come. After this Torry enjoyed their most active and threatening period, with shots from Lewis, Booker and those two from Soto, all good chances. An intelligent free kick from Luis Carlos over the wall saw Carrasco just beaten to the ball by a quick thinking Paredes to deny him his first Torry goal.
In a final assault from Torry, Luis Carlos jigged down the left flank and as his opponent went to ground, Luis claimed hand ball and stopped playing. Not so Torre Levant, who booted the ball upfield and Reyes spun Carrasco ten yards inside his own half and raced after the ball. Buba came out thirty yards from his box to try and save the day, but Reyes had the advantage and got there first, slipping it round him and continuing towards the big empty net as Eugenio  made a token effort to catch him. One yard out, he blasted the ball into the net and celebrated as if he had scored the winner in a cup final!
This game is best forgotten, but it may leave some ill effects. Vicente was limping sorely post match, Pastor took another knock to his injured knee and Buba also sustained a knee problem. However, all will be keen to recover and be in the line up for the home game on Sunday against Elche Ilicitano, a team that once boasted Pastor and Vicente amongst their ranks. It kicks off at 5pm on Sunday at the Nelson Mandela, where the line up from the visitors may well feature a few ex Torry favourites.

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