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MATCH REPORT | CD Torrevieja 1 Novelda CF 1.Simply Magnificent!
2016-09-25 21:25:00

Match Report: Jefferson Scott / Photo: Joaquin Carrion.


 Simply Magnificent
What a transformation since Torry´s last match. Instead of pedestrian, unimaginative, listless play, fans had their breath taken away with pulsating, vibrant attacking football with each player looking incredible. They were quick to the ball, strong in the tackle, creative in possession and determined to win back the ball when with the opposition. The manager and a few players had been released and with four remaining players injured, it was necessary to call on the Youth team to bolster the ranks. 
It also meant a start for Damian Aguero who confirmed that he should have been an instant first choice selection since his arrival. It was criminal not to have played him other than for a few late minutes in previous contests. Damian directed the show from midfield, winning key challenges, showing team mates where to play the ball and spraying passes fully fifty yards from one side to the other. He added that much needed flair and enterprise to the side and Torry flourished when he was involved.
Playing with equal commitment and style was Matheus who tormented his markers. He opened the scoring when rising perfectly in the box to direct his header into the corner of the net from a sweet Pablo Navas cross. He then oufoxed defenders, bursting through the middle and then lifting the ball over the head of the advancing Alberto in the Novelda goal. Luckily for the Novelda captain, this slowed the momentum of Matheus, allowing two defenders to make up the gap amd blast the ball clear before Matheus could regain it and knock it into the empty net.
In every department Torry were determined, together and resolute. Threats on goal were engineered down the flanks in the main, with wingers and midfield players thrusting forward and the only thing missing was a strker like Zapata, whose mobility and movement would have added that final attacking edge.  Lewis had a couple of free kicks wide off the mark, when it would have been more sensible for a right footed player to have  taken them, given the position from goal. Nevertheless, Lewis played with his usual pace and conviction and was constantly a danger.
Novelda played better in the second half and created several outstanding chances. Buba made his debut for Torry in goal and pulled off terrific save after save, He is authoritative in the air, but equally quick to get down to balls on the ground. He needed to call on all his talent to keep Novelda shut out. However on 74 minutes his line was breached when Jordi was given too much space in the box and drove the ball home. Even from such close range Bubastill managed to get to it, but unable to keep it out. It was disappointing but the lad was othing short of magnificent.
Torry went close to finding the winner several times late on. Lewis and Matheus combined to great effect down the left to tear the Novelda defence apart, but there was no one in the middle to capitalise upon their good work. Substitute Guillem almost managed it, but could not get the ball out of his feet at the crucial moment, the chance evaporating. Vicente screamed his shot low across goal, only to see it skim past the wrong side of the upright. Torry appeared to have a strong penalty claim at the death, but this was dismissed readily, resulting in only a point, when three looked likely.
Most importantly, this was a revitalised Torry side, full of endeavour and imagination. Every single player was outstanding and if this is a sign of what is to come, then this season could yet be exciting and memorable. This looked like a team, it was choc-o-bloc full of talent and desire. It is a team worth supporting and getting behind 100%.

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