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Benferri CF - CD Torrevieja
Antonio Pedreo is once more the coach of CD Torrevieja
2016-11-12 10:58:00

Photo: Joaquin Carrión.


The CD Torrevieja officially confirms the return of Antonio Pedreño Saura "Pedreño" as coach of our club.

The numbers for Pedreño last season 2015-2016 were the following: (14 wins-10 draws -14 losses, 46 goals in favour and 47 goals against) finishing in 11º position.

The club believes that Pedreño is the ideal person to invigorate the team and lead them out of this current predicament. He has the experience, professionalism and ability. We admire his involvement in the day to day work with the club and especially his composure in moments of adversity and difficulty, as well as his good communication with players and determination to lead us into better times.

Pedreño will not be able to sit on the bench for up to 4 days as he must fulfill the sanction he drags from last season after being sent off in the last league match in Puerto de Sagunto.

From the club we welcome him again and wish him the best of luck so that you can meet his goals.


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