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Renewed the cooperation agreement between the Futbol Base and CD Torrevieja
2016-06-15 14:00:00

Photo: Joaquin Carrion.

CDTorreviejaandthe Municipal SchoolfootballTorrevieja,have renewedthe collaboration agreementso thatbothwill work togetherin the developmentand expansionof young playersin the town.CDTorreviejarecognise the quality ofplayerbelongings to thegrassrootsofthe municipal schooland theTorreviejaCFteamwho played in1regionalduring2016-2017season.

The renewalof this agreementis to develop, train,expandand enhance thefootballing qualitiesofall those youngtalents from the townby bothparties.An agreementaimed atmutual collaborationto continue trainingand developingplayers whohave the opportunity totrain and playwithCDTorreviejain3rdDivision.

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