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The grandstand and changing room at the Vicente Garca will be closed
2016-02-16 19:35:00

Photo: CD Torrevieja.


After the meeting between the CD Torrevieja and the city of Torrevieja, we have been told through the sports council of the Municipality of Torrevieja, Pablo Samper of the closure order from the premises of Municipal Vicente Garcia, one of the few natural grass fields Group VI 3rd Division.

The decision is based on reports issued by the municipal architect showing a problem with the roof of the referees changing room and some beams supporting the grandstand seats the stadium.


Pablo Samper has reported this after acknowledging these facts from the architect report of 11 February 2016 and studying another report from March 31, 2014, which already called for the adoption of 12 urgent measures including the closure of the east stand because of risk to fans and officials.

The report by the municipal architect on February 11, which also includes the shortcomings identified in the previous report, urges the adoption imminently disabling the eastern grandstand stadium and part of the locker room, and removal of various elements that may constitute a danger to the safety of both fans and workers.

There is still no diagnosis of the degree of the condition of the structure, although there are areas where it is observed with the naked eye moisture and corrosion of the iron beams that support the main grandstand. 

Pablo Samper advised the club that the intention of the government team is to undertake the work of refurbishing the stadium, although no date is estimated as largely depends on the budget possibilities and grants that could cover part of this work on the Vicente Garcia.

Despite numerous complaints, information and requests from CD Torrevieja about necessary work neeeding to be carried out over many years, this has not happened sufficiently, which has led to this situiation.


The board is examining the ways we can cooperate to ensure the completion of this work and to guarantee safety for fans as well as seeking to make sure that we are able to continue playing in the Vicente Garcia and protect the history of our stadium.

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