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Match Report: CD Torrevieja 2 Crevillente Dpto 2 The Come from Behind Kings!
2015-10-04 22:10:00

Photo: Joaquín Carrión / Match Report: Jefferson Scott.


            The Come from Behind Kings!
Torry has now come back from a two goal deficit to earn a draw in two of their four matches this term at home.  It may qualify as exciting stuff, but boy oh boy, does it make for frustration and exasperation.
It was decidedly against the run of play that Crevillente took the lead in the 18th minute, but when they added a second just four minutes later, fans did not know what was going on. The manager threw out his arms in total disbelief and his vocal output soared by many decibels. If only shouting at players did the trick!
It was the summer signings that dug us out of this particular hole. Sanchez led the way on the half hour mark with a great strike. He is beginning to establish himself as the main midfield organiser and his work rate is high. Along with Adrian, these two pose the best prospect for Torry to control games and start picking up valuable points.
Once the second half started, it was Torry back on the offensive and looking as though it was only time before that equaliser happened. Torry were finding much joy down both wings, with Luis Carlos in particular surging down the left and delivering several inviting crosses. As is his wont, Pedreño sacrificed a defender for an attacker, with Cesar replacing Metej. But it was not until Quintero got his orders to supplement the attack did the second Torry goal emerge.
Using his strength and courage, the centre half forced his way into the box and as defenders and keeper swarmed towards the ball, Quintero made it his and looped his header over everyone and into the corner of the net. There was still a quarter of the match remaining and hopes remained high that a Torry winner was on the cards. Crevillente regularly had all eleven players in their own third of the pitch as they defended with everything they had. Torry played patient football trying to find openings but they were difficult to create.
In the end, no more goals were evident, but the referee did manage to caution seven all told, mostly missing the real culprits. This point still leaves Torry just above the relegation trio and wins will be necessary to start the long up table climb. Let us hope we will not be offering two goal starts to any more teams this season! 

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