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Next match Saturday 1st August, CD Torrevieja vs FC Jumilla
2015-07-29 14:20:00

Photo: Joaquí Carrión.


I hope you haven't made plans for Saturday night!  What, you have?  Change them, change them!  

Why?  CD Torrevieja are playing Fútbol Club Jumilla at el Vicente Garcia and kick off is 8pm.

Who are our opposition?  They won Tercera Group 4 last season, and ended up getting promoted to Segunda B by finally beating FC Asco in the Play-off Finals.  For anyone that has followed Spanish football for a while, you will know that actually getting through the play-offs is incredibly tough.

The match will be an excellent test for Pedreno's new squad and should tell us much about how we are looking for the new season, which starts on August 23rd (away to Ontinyent).

So, see you Saturday - you do not want to miss it!



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