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Day 30 Group VI
Sunday 26 February 2017
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Monday, 20 February 2017
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Sunday, 26 February 2017
CD Castellon vs CD Torrevieja 17:00

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MATCH REPORT | CD Torrevieja 0 Ontinyent CF 2. Bitter Pill to Swalow!
Ontinyent won for the first time in Torrevieja, but have a great deal to thank the referee for in this success. He somehow did not see a blatant foul on Nica, allowing play to continue, climaxing with Buba deflecting Ivan's shot into the path of Vicente whose contact sent the ball into the net. The award of a penalty soon after was equally farcical. Buba saved it with his legs but it rebounded to the taker, Domenech, who headed back towards goal.



MATCH REPORT | Novelda CF 1 CD Torrevieja 0. Struggling for goals!

With 25 goals scored in 26 league matches, CD Torrevieja have struggled to win games this season. Only four teams have suffered at their hands and Torry will meet three of those sides, plus fellow strugglers Muro in March - the month of destiny. On this performance in Novelda, against a side that moved into fifth place, Torry still has a chance of avoiding disaster this term. But the truth is that somehow


Week 28 of group Six. Novelda CF vs CD Torrevieja. Every day, a final!

Hard and complicated was the start of the second half of the season, especially after the defeat suffered at Ibi 4-0. We were busy with a week of transfers, where there were both casualties (Diaby, Robles, Buza, Parajn, Nico and Ilyes and Lucas) and excitements (Nica, Borja Mir, Meca, Molina, Durn and Walid). All practically finished at the last minute. The results of our rivals, also did not benefit us much in our day of rest.


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